Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Direction 101

Woohoo! finally i was able to make a map for an invite. this is a long awaited time for me since here in the philippines, we don't usually need a map for the wedding location. so i got so excited when the coordinator of the couple mentioned she wanted a map inserted for the invites since the location is a bit far from the city(its for the beach theme wedding - click on the link and it will lead you to my old post).

so here it is my first attempt to make an illustration map. however, it's not quite yet what i have in mind. i wanted a sketch-look-alike style however i don't have much time since we have to finish it by tomorrow.

ow well... i guest i'll just have try it some other time though... and hopefully, save-the-date would be my next project. since that one too is not usual here...


  1. the illustration is very nice...the colors used is just perfect for the event and the theme...when you look at the map, you would somehow feel at ease that you'll get there without getting lost...

  2. thanks master! i learned from the best!


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