Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm one of the ten and one of my faves

Few weeks ago, I got a link on my facebook account... and guess what it was? oooh! I'm one of the top ten emerging influential blogs here in davao... {ooh-la-la} posted from Ria's blog. How sweet is that?

It was really nice to know that someone finds your blog inspiring or just the thought that someone is reading it {haha}. Seriously, I love reading emails, and comments/messages from friends that they love reading my blog. I appreciate that so much. And the best part of all, I made new friends from it too... some are from out of town and some are out even out of the country. It's really overwhelming. And this really encourages me to share more of my work. =)

Somehow, blogging has become part of my daily routine now. And everyday, I read, and look for new inspiring blogs before I start and end my day. Good thing, my sister found a site where you can put your favorite blogs, it's like a blog directory. So you can track them every time they have a new post, how convenient is that right? Go check it for yourself, its Bloglovin.

And let me share few of my favorite blogs that really inspires me. 

Oh My Handmade Goodness - oh you can learn a lot from this blog. From blogging tips and handling online store, to sharing other links that can help you too, and they also have giveaways. 

Parcel Post - this blog posts the items they have in their store. If only I live nearby their store, I could die.

Wiley Valentine - I love her work so much. 

Chelle Paperie - this is where it all started. My routine and in search of inspiring blogs. Lovely letterpress invitations is her forte. 

Sarah Jane Studio - lately, I've been learning to illustrate. And there are so many styles and ways, but when I saw her blog and work, I fell in love with it. Her illustrations for children's books are just so sweet. 

Little Mo and Friends - another blog that inspires me, and we became friends.

Oh these are only few of them. I am following like 200 or more blogs in my Bloglovin. Everyday it gives me inspiration and it brightens my day, just by reading their new posts. How about you? I wanna know your favorite blog as well...


  1. hi ms april!

    i love your blog too! its really inspiring.. and i love your OC-ness when it comes to your blog layout and even on your work. looking forward to our wedding invitation from ARTISAN DESIGN STUDIO!

    here's some of my fave personal blog:


    by the way we looove your shop. so cozy! and also shiela.. very accommodating! God bless and more power. :)


  2. Hi, lovely to have found your blog. So glad you enjoy Oh My Handmade Goodness, I love to write articles for them. I must go and check out some of the other links. Always looking for inspiration :) Catherine x

  3. @lalai thanks so much for sharing your fave blog. ooh i had fun designing your invitation. i hope you'll love it. =)

  4. @catherine

    oh its nice of you to drop by in my blog. i fell inlove with your illustrations. they're just sooo lovely... =)


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