Monday, September 27, 2010

8 Travel Essentials

I truly enjoy traveling... Be it out of the country or simply a 2-hour drive from my city, and regardless of what reason; business trip, wedding or a vacation, I'm in! Because I'm excited to see new places, new shops and to sleep in a new room {well this is my fave part actually}. So I just came from a trip and will be leaving again next month, so I believe a list of the things I need to bring can really be helpful, I just hate it whenever I forget something.

Anyway, I don't like traveling with heavy baggage because its very inconvenient for me, plus my shoulders would normally hurt if I carry heavy things. So I came up with my 8 travel essential" list, so I won't over pack, and I make sure I have this ready because you'll never know when you have a spontaneous get-away trip. And Based from my experiences these things are just perfect if you want to travel light. 

Here are my "8 travel essentials" maybe it will also help to remind you of the essentials when you travel.
{1} Shawl. This is very handy and yet very helpful in so many ways. I hate bringing a jacket, since it's  really bulky and if the weather is fine, this is actually inconvenient for me. So I bring a shawl instead. I can use it as a jacket on a train or an umbrella if its raining or if the sun is too hot. It goes either way and the best part is, you can just put it in your small handbag. 

{2} Favorite gadget. I don't know about you, but I'm somewhat a gadget person. And a camera is always my bestfriend to remind me of the beautiful places I've been to or the cutest things that inspires me. A phone is also important for me, just in case I'll get lost or look for something else that I can't find I can simply call someone right? {Of course don't forget the chargers, lol}

{3} Handy dandy notebook {as blue's clues would say}. It's my mini journal, thinking notebook, or sketchbook, whatever it is, it's also a must because you'll never know whenever a perfect idea might pop-in. Make sure to bring a pen too. I just bring a small one though, so it doesn't put weight in my bag.

{4} Plastic bag. You may ask, what I'm gonna do with a plastic bag right? Well, this is always a "just in case bag" for me. In case, I need more room in my handbag, or in case I have wet clothes {you don't want to put them with the dry ones}. So just in case you'll need one, then you already have one.

{5} Power bar. Ahhh... this is always a saver. As I walk around, I sometimes forget it's time to eat, or sometimes I'm still in a bus for a long drive. A little snack can save you from being grumpy to your travel buddies and your tummy as well.

{6} Softies {handkerchief and a pair of socks}. I called it softies because its the cotton fabric softies that I will need along the way. Handkerchief or small face towel is helpful because, sweat or a dirty face doesn't look good in the photos. Socks is just for sleeping time, as it may get cold at night then a little comfort wouldn't hurt. 

{7} Papers. This is not the paper like the ones we use for invitations, lol. These are your plane ticket, passport, I.D., and money. Extra tip: always have them photocopied {except for the money of course} and leave the original ones in you're hotel. So in case of lost, you'll always have a copy, this will save you from the trouble of going to the embassy or police. 

{8} Toiletries.  I know some hotels or if you're staying with a friend's house, they normally have free toiletries. But, I always think in case I feel eeeky along the way, it's nice to come prepared. I'm talking about small products, not the ones you use in your own bathroom, because that is just to heavy to bring. So don't forget the shampoo, soap, toothpaste/toothbrush, and tissue. If you have other necessities then go ahead. I also include basic medicine in this bag. 

You can bring these essentials inside your handbag or you can simply leave it in your baggage. But I suggest you bring them all the time, because things happen the least you expect them. And based from my experiences, these really helps. Just buy the travel packs so it won't become bulky in your bag. 

I hope this list will help you pack light! Remove all the clutter in your bag, you don't need them as you travel. If you have more essentials that you think is a must when you travel, I would definitely love to read them, so leave me a comment. 

Have a safe trip everyone!


  1. Hi April, I think your list covers everything!
    I like to go to my fav perfume counters and ask for one of those cute little sample bottles. I find they are so perfect for a short trip.

  2. hello bianca... yeah that's really a great idea... perfume should also be included. =) thanks for that...

  3. Hi April.
    You are so wise. I always carry too much with me when I travel - and my bag is always too heavy! I shall pare down next time.
    I would just have to add a book to read in case I can't get to sleep in a new room!

  4. * Slippers/Sandals - in case that your tired wearing your shoes, and it can be use as well if you go swimming like (springs, river, waterfalls, beaches etc....)

    * Shades/Sun glasses - to protect from the heat of the sun / UV, just in case if summer time, specially if your planning to travel in ME like Dubai, Egypt, etc...

    I guess these things are useful for travelers as well.

    cheers :)!

  5. thank you ingrid and alfred for sharing your travel essentials... your ideas are all quite helpful too... =)


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