Saturday, September 25, 2010

Keisha in wonderland

Keisha is turning 3! And I had the privilege to design her invitation again. Last year, I did her 2nd birthday invitation and the theme was Hello Kitty. And now, she's turning a year older and she's celebrating it with Alice in Wonderland theme. 

2nd Birthday invite I designed last year for Keisha. 

I got carried away with this theme since I like the vintage style plus there are so many possibilities. You can design the mad hatter, teapot, bunny, etc. Mommy Kristine couldn't decide as well what element to use. So, I came up with three designs... 

First, I was thinking of the mad hatter with Alice sitting on it, the main details was a playing card placed at the back of it, where you can just pull it up. Then a die-cut tea cups with tea pot hanging on another tea pot for the details. And lastly, a pop-up teapots, mushroom and Alice and the mad hatter with classic pastel colors design. And the last design is what mommy Kristine chose. 

So here's the whole set of prints... with name tags and stubs for the party

I told you, I got a little carried away with this, and there are so many possibilities. I haven't watched the old cartoon and the new 3D version of this movie though. And this is the first time, I've made an Alice in wonderland theme, but I think I like the designs I came up with. How about you, what's your kid's birthday theme?


  1. Hi there fellow BYW student! I love your invites and stationary. All the detail is amazing!

    Cheers ~ Elizabeth

  2. Hi there elizabeth... thanks for dropping by and for appreciating my designs... that's really sweet of you =)



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