Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mommy Trish and baby Zeek

Oh I'm such a terrible blog author... I tried to update my posts with our latest works. But unfortunately, I keep on delaying things due to procrastinating {yay! my super bad habit}. I have to say, I'm only human and sometimes I also feel lazy. So please, please forgive me if you ordered something in our studio, and you still haven't seen your product in my blog, I guess the only thing I can say is, patience is a virtue? lol!? 

But seriously, there are so much going on in the studio right now... we are currently working on two wedding invites and finishing other orders. My planners for the holiday bazaars are still pending and OMG! the days are running so fast. 

So here's a digital scrapbook as I may call it, that we had for a client. The design was made by one of my creative design people, Joy. She's originally from Portraits Unlimited Studio, and she's also our photographer during coverage and photobooth. 

I love how she designed this cute mini digital scrapbook. It's just 4x6in. with 10-pages. We can still add more photos inside but we suggest to put just 2 photos per page as it may turned out to be very small... 

What's nice about digital scrapbook is, you don't have to print all the photos in your digital camera, which is very practical plus it will save you the messy scattered photos around. It looks clean and it can tell you a story as well. 

I'll try to keep up with my posting tonight... so better come back again later for more of our designs... 


  1. hey i love reading your blog...i also love the cute...handy...and very nice design...

  2. hehehe thanks ahia... joy designed that using the clouds from our ttots yearbook... neat ha? hehehe


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