Friday, September 24, 2010

Home is where the coffee is...

Hello there... Happy Friday everyone! Tonight I would like to give you a tour to our coffee shop. It's not yet our anniversary but we just had it renovated so I wanted you to see the before and after. We called our coffee shop Coffee at Yellow Hauz or Yellow Hauz, as you may see why. 

Three years ago {or almost four, lol}, my family started a business.  Something not too noisy, and you can have a cozy feeling at the same time, and so we came up with a coffee shop. But learning how to brew was not easy and popular before. Eventually, while I was working in Manila, I tried looking for suppliers and got lucky to find a food expo. And the rest was history as we were able to build our very own local coffee shop.

People would quite wonder why we called it Yellow Hauz. {This is actually a sentiment story but I'll try not to make it too sad though, lol} Anyway, few years after my father passed away {almost 7years now}, we painted our house yellow so we can remember him by, since it was his favorite color. Then whenever we had a party, some of our friends would direct our lost friends to look for the yellow house. I guess it was the first two-storey building in our area painted in yellow. So it became a landmark in our location. 

From then on, we called our coffee shop Yellow Hauz, for the obvious reason that it is literally a yellow house and to reminisce our beloved father at the same time. 

Now enough with the history and proceed to the tour, shall we? 

This is how Yellow Hauz looks like 3-years ago... not much difference from the new look now but I'll try to take a new photo. 
This is the main entrance and the outdoor umbrellas, check out the yellow gate...  
And this the new outdoor look, So we changed the umbrellas to a transparent roof. Do you remember the yellow gate? It is now my dainty studio. So technically, we don't have an official gate anymore, hahaha. 
This used to be our counter... 
And the new counter now... do you like the cabinet style? How about the iron works for the menu? I'm definitely loving it and the brick wall effect {I have a secret, that's just wallpaper, neat ha?}
Here's the rest of the area...


Hope you liked our new design now... we may have made some changes but its still the same Yellow Hauz you knew 3 years ago. See you around... =)


  1. Hi April! Nice na kaayo ang new interiors sa Yellow Hauz. :)

  2. ...super duper nice.. cant wait to visit the new yh!! -cookie

  3. Thank you Lorra and Cookie... hihi see you around... =)

  4. Magnificent! I guess you're the one who designed it. How I wish to meet you again someday, coz everytime I visit yellow haus your always outside or maybe has appointment's/priorities in life.

    Well done priL and hope for more branches to come.... God bless and take care of yourself always... cheers :!

  5. hello there... you forgot to put your name... I assume we know each other, right? Sorry if I'm always outside or have other priorities. Sometimes its just so hard to manage my errands... lol =)

    thanks for dropping by, next time I hope we can meet...

  6. Hi, pwede po magpabook sa YH this sunday po. Binyag po kc ng anak ko and nirefer po kayo ni Ate Florence Alejandre. PM me sa facebook or text me at 09177057815 if available po this sunday. Thank you. Roel Oliver M. Paramio

  7. LOVE the coffee shop .. wish I could bring my laptop over to work there :) But would have to catch a plane 1st. To continued success in the coffee shop :)


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