Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Small calendars

We came up with a small size calendar so it's cheaper and handy. This is totally perfect for souvenirs, you know why? Because it's practical and they'll be using it for the whole year. Am not right? hehehe

The size is around 3x5in with 13-pages for the months and cover. 

Don't worry if your event will be in the middle of the year, we can always adjust the months for you and extend it until next year. 

If you're interested, just email me {the.artisandesigns@gmail.com} and send me at least 13photos, motif and design you want, and the rest is with us. 

More designs in my Multiply site.


  1. Beautiful planners!

    I'm your new follower


    tamtamlee from follow your blog swap-bot

  2. Adorable calendars!

    Theaftercraft from SB

  3. Hello Tam-tam and Sarah... thank you... =)

  4. Those are so beautiful! We put together our own full size calendars for our family for Christmas, but this look so much better. (We go through VistaPrint.)

    -- Amber (PisceanMama from Swap-Bot)

  5. Hello Amber... thanks for dropping by... =)


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