Monday, September 13, 2010

Princess Sachi

Once upon a time... Mommy Abby was preparing a birthday party for her princess daughter, Sachi. And so I came up with this cute little princess invite. The details were hidden under her skirt, isn't that neat? Mommy abby wanted to pair it with a custom goodie bag. And a lady handbag is what a princess wants.

I think I am more fond of making kids invitations because it's just so adorable just like the birthday kids. My sister and I keep on joking Mommy Abby, since she's a friend of ours if we could borrow Sachi for just a day, lol. I guess silence means no, hehe... 

Oh if you like this, you might wanna check my other design. It's also a cut-out design invite but it's a bear holding a gift and milk bottle.


  1. thank you for the comment and for dropping by... oh you forgot to put your name

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  3. Hi April! This is adorable! May I know the size of the princess invite? I can't imagine how the invitation fit into the card. :)

  4. hello katherine... thank you for dropping by again... =)
    the size of the invite is around 4x7in. the details of the invite is just short and straight to the point so I was able to fit all of it under the skirt. hehe =)


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