Friday, September 17, 2010

Tuna Festival shoot

From Sarangani Highlands, Gensan City, Philippines

I'm not sure how to greet you, whether goodnight or goodmorning! It's 1:00am, basically, it's sleeping time and yet in other countries it's early morning.

Anyway, just wanna drop by to give you a glimpse of what I'm upto this week. I've been lazy lately from posting blogs and even updating my other accounts earlier this week. I was also bothered from what I accidentally read from one of my fave blogs. So I guess that also affects my being lazy from blogging. But I won't be talking about that because my blog is a place where you get inspired and attracts positive vibes =)

So, I am 2-hour drive away from my own city for a festival shoot, the GenSan Tuna Festival. Royale Iris Studio Production {Portraits Studio video partner} has the privilege to shoot most of the activities during the two-week festival. And here I am joining in as a "behind the scenes photographer," I'm not even sure if there such thing, if none, well there is now, lol. The photo was taken from one of the places here where we had snacks. {And I'm putting that to my 100-design project

Apparently, we are still up. Well, they are editing the video for the official soundtrack for the festival. And I am doing some designs for the invites {hahaha}. Alright, you caught me there, so what I'm doing now has nothing to do with the festival, but I'm taking my chances whenever I can work on my designs.

Well, that's it for now. I hope I can post more about my work this week because I have lots of good design to share. Ciao!

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