Thursday, February 18, 2010

coffee at yellow hauz project

I did a little project for Yellow Hauz... I remember I blogged about it before when we were making the cute little center pieces (click here) for the tables..

Ms. Vanilla and I thought of changing few of the details in the coffee shop, just so to have a different look... So we changed the center pieces with matching tags, we also changed the bottle table number, also the labels for cakes and innovate the tip jar with beehive cookie jar... we also put a signage where people can order and also for the door.


  1. wonder why yellowhauz is always on tip-top-shape

  2. thanks G... thanks for reading my blog again...

  3. so sweet! you did a very good job, the colour matches the interior too!


  4. im glad you find the color matches... was afraid the colors might be too bold

  5. Sooooo cute! If I lived close by, I would stop in just to see it all in person! So cute! Good job!


  6. thank you so much maleaab... ooh if by chance you'll come to the philippines, let me know... i would love to have you in our coffee shop... =)


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