Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Loving these...

Don't you just love flowers? well i do! flowers give me such a warm and cozy feeling all the time. and since this is what the ambiance of our coffeeshop (yellow hauz), we also make accents that gives you a warm feeling where you're just having a coffee in your house.

Today, the studio was so busy making these center pieces for yellow hauz. we replaced the used bottle vase with plastic pots now (plants are also plastic). to have a different look again...

These lovely center pieces are made by my mama... she likes arranging flowers... hopefully she will pursue it, because i think she enjoys it sooo much. these are made with love... for her daughter's coffee shop... now isn't that sweet?

We also used the same design for the cake names and table number bottles (and this is for tomorrow's project)...
p.s. this cake label is for ms.vanilla, she doesn't want to write on it because she finds it very nice and afraid she might ruin it with her handwritten... hahaha

ow and by the way... tonight was such a lovely night for me and ms.vanilla... our favorite bloggers (ms.vanilla-sweet and saucy; artisan-little mo and friends) drop by at our sites and left a sweet message...

thanks for dropping by helena...


  1. yes yes yes! what a night!!! i really like the sketch map...and the save the date... i will have that on my wedding invites! lol!

  2. alright no prob. so long i will marry first! if you get hitch first, no invitation for you! hahaha harsh!


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