Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Garden theme

From my previous post, i mentioned how busy our week was.. in one week i made 3 designs for wedding invitations... and this is the 2nd one... the theme is all about garden with aqua and green motif. so i play around with flowers of course, but it was just to give a little accent.

These are only mock invites; we made 2 kinds - {1} made with board {2} and the other one is made of a thick paper (thinner than the board). inside is the usual, main info, sponsors and the entourage.

{1} with board

{2} #220 gsm paper glued together to make it more thicker.
The 3rd design is still on progress... to give you a hint, its a check book design. i'm still being challenged on how to finalized the whole invite, because it's gonna be my first embossed invite plus first check book design. so it's really a big challenge for me. but no biggy... im enjoying it so much.


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