Friday, May 20, 2011


Been blog quiet for awhile but now I'm back! I'm quite adjusting again on how to write something, and it's really weird that it feels like I need to warm up thoughts... 

So to start my thoughts running... I did my routine by updating myself from reading one of my favorite blogs through Bloglovin. Then, I saw this very cute video via Bananafish Studio. From then on, I fell in love with this notebook called Smash. A very practical way to keep your creativity. Go watch it, so you'll know what I mean...
If you got inspired and intrigued about this notebook, you can check their blog for more stories of their super cute ideas and you can find them here K&Company if your interested of their products... been thinking of ordering actually, I just can't decide what yet...

Have a great weekend everyone...


  1. wow galing naman nito gang..:) actually may notebook na rin ako ngayon for preparing for our "you know" na(hahaha.. ) pero scotch tape lng pangdikit ko oi.. puro recibo pa jud..hahaha.. wow thanks for this blog gang.. na inspire tuloy ako..:)

  2. I'm glad you were inspired by it... hihihi I'm sure you're notebook looks great rin for the "you know" hehehe... =)


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