Saturday, May 7, 2011

DIY craft for Mother's Day

Advance Happy Mother's day to all the wonderful mothers in the world! Words are not enough to express how grateful I am for my mama and for my lola as well.

My sister and I always call my mom, super mom. Don't you just notice how they were able to do a lot of things? Well our mom is like that. She's busy with business and yet she can still manage to cook, help us or others, buy things for house, meet with friends, do this and that... Aaaah... good thing we're not kids anymore and she doesn't have to look up on us 24/7. I can't imagine how they do that. I'm not even a mom and yet I can't do a lot of things like she does. Whew! That's why moms are really supermoms! hihi

Here's my sister, mom and me from her last birthday. We surprised her with a cake and balloons in her room. Tomorrow, we're just gonna have a late lunch or early dinner since I'll be leaving for Manila tomorrow night, so it's just a simple celebration.

If you're planning a surprise for your lovely mom, this might help you prepare for it. A simple breakfast can really brighten her day and I saw these pretty printables from Jordan Ferney's blog Oh Happy Day.  Oh you'll love her blog and not to mention she lives in Paris with her family. I'm sure you'll get hooked reading it, because I know I did! You can also follow her through twitter too.

Have fun celebrating your day with your mom... and Happy Mother's day again to all the moms out there... 

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