Monday, March 8, 2010

a friend named little mo

Last night I blogged about how busy I was the whole week... and yet despite of that I was wishing or attracting positive vibes that today is gonna be a lovely day...

And guess what? As I opened my door this morning, a package awaits me on our table... it was my order from little mo and friends. A very cute postcard. ooh I was so excited as I ordered this and now it's all here...

Okay so let me share a story why i got so excited about this... few months ago, I was searching for an inspiration for a stationery design... and then I came across with Helena's website and blog (the illustrator behind little mo). Seeing her illustrations really got me inspired. You see, I am a frustrated illustrator. So I always dreamt of creating my own cartoon character or just simply illustrate anything at all.

So everyday I've been following her blog... then suddenly had the urge to make a comment on her blog telling her how I love her work... Gladly, she replied and what really makes it super cool is... she also made a comment in my blog. My very first comment aside from my friends. How sweet is that? hehehe =)

This is my very first buy in etsy. I think this is also my first time to buy online. And I love it sooo much! Go check her online shop and buy one for yourself. I hope she'll inspire you too...

Here's my package fresh from Australia...

Inside the package...

This is what I ordered... two different designs of postcard...

A sweet note from a newly found friend from Australia...

I got freebies... weee!


  1. hahaha! you're too sweet april! It was a pleasure mailing you my art. Have fun with your postcards. xoxoxoxo hugs


  2. naaaw what a sweet post =) Keep it up April.

  3. :) Helena is super sweet, isn't she? I ordered my first "Little Mo" this past week too and just got mine. So fun!

  4. @helena xoxo been thinking to whom ill send the postcards. =)

    @olivefarm thank sooo happy to know i have a new comment from a new friend...

    @maleaab wow! what did you get? yes true its so fun!


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