Monday, March 8, 2010

relaxing in my imagination...

It was a very hectic week for Artisan and Portraits. We had a 3-day shoot at Tumble Tots, then on the next day and just today i had a barista class for DMMA school. And a whole lot pending design deadlines for my clients for this coming week. whew!

It's not that I'm complaining because I chose to be in this position and at the same time, I still love what I'm doing.

However, there are times when I just wanna sit down and relax, watch the sky and think blankly... as in totally blank. without thinking about my deadlines and other responsibilities with work.

But nonetheless, I still have the best job! And I will always l-o-v-e what I'm doing. Moreover tomorrow is gonna be a new and happy day for me... (I'm attracting positive vibes here, hehehe) It may be as busy as ever but... bring it on! I'm all prepared for it!

For the mean time, this photo will just fill-in my imagination that I'm sitting down relaxing and watching the sunset perhaps... thinking about NOTHING at all... =)

p.s. I took the bench photo in Singapore (Botanical Garden) and the sunset photo while I was so sleepy and tired from the flight going back to Davao.

p.p.s Hope this photo will also fill-in your imagination whenever you feel tired and want to simply relax your mind... =) Happy Monday


  1. sitting on a bench with someone beside you? ahahaha nice shots SP!

  2. hahahaha... hmmm... maybe in a different bench nlng hahaha that's my "unthinking chair!" hahaha


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