Friday, December 31, 2010

Making my wishlist

One hour left and it's already new year... woohooo! Happy new year everyone... 

So my family had a little dinner, our usual new year tradition. Then after we ate we just rest or watch the television for awhile until twelve o'clock. In the meantime while waiting for new year, I'm making some list, or what I call wishlist for 2011. I've done this for 3 years now and every end of the year, I review and check the things I've done from that list. 

This is my favorite journal, locally made by Authors. I just super love the feel of the leather and simplicity of this journal. I bought it at FullyBooked and until now I still keep track of my yearly plan and some inner thoughts. 

My wishlist mostly include:
• Places I wanted to go to.
• Plans for Yellow Hauz and Artisan.
• Financial goals and
• Things I wanted to learn.

I was inspired to post my wishlist from my daily blog read 74limelane. You would definitely love her photos, check her shop. She also included a 2011 list sheet so you'll be inspired while you're writing down your plans and dreams for the new year. 

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