Thursday, December 30, 2010

Backing up my files

Since a new year is starting... I've thought of cleaning up my files. This also means backing up all my important designs, photos and all other documents. I think it's a great way to start a new year...

So here are my back-up plans... maybe this might also help you decide on how to back-up your files.

First of... what a better way backing up your files but to use an external hard drive. I love using Western Digital My book essential, because it looks clean and professional. So, I bought one way back before, a 500GB external HD at Tekpone. This one is really intended for back-ups. Since my job entails computer, it is just right to think of a second plan in case my laptop will crash. Well, I have to say, I learned that the hard way. 
Secondly, since my laptop crashed last year and it was a painful experience because all my files was there and no back-up, so I've been using an external hard disk since then as my internal but external HD {hahaha do you get it?} All my files are in this small WD My passport studio and I'm carrying it all the time. Basically, my laptop is empty except for the applications and downloaded files. This way, it won't slow down my work.  

I would recommend this one instead of the My book essential as your external HD since it's very portable and they have the same capacity. And check out the LCD screen, you can personalized your name on it {now that's cute!}
Lastly, a USB flash drive. I'm pretty sure we all have this now. Thank you whoever invented flash drive, haha. I normally carry this even without my laptop. You'll never know when you have to save a file. 

If you only have few documents and photos in your computer, this will also do for your back-up. Some flash drive now have upto 8GB capacity or more. Not to mention, this is way too less expensive than the external HD.  
Here are other ways to back up your files:
• You can also use blank CD/DVD or better yet a Rewritable DVD.
• Sending important files to your email.
• Uploading photos using different media like Flckr, MultiplySnapfish and Facebook.

I hope this one will help you on saving your files. If you have other ideas, leave a comment, I'll be happy to know how you do it. Let start a new year with a clean computer... =)


  1. This was very good information i really did enjoy reading it.I really fear using external hard drives as my alternative backup link.I have one but i just use it for keeping my document but on the other hand,i also use online backups and am currently use i feel if my external hard drive crash or hard drive get damanged,i will be on a safe side.

  2. Hello Dora... thanks for sharing the site. I go check it out too... =)


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