Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blue christening

2 years ago I met a client named Mary Ann. We did a coverage and bagtags souvenir for her son's 6th birthday... and now she's back again with the christening of her new baby boy named Jacob!

This one was really fun because we, Ms. Vanilla and Artisan did a team-up!

Of course, I made all the prints: from the invites, guestbook, and gift tags, etc... and Ms. Vanilla made the sweet blue blanket fondant cake and colorful sugar cookies.

And the best part was... we were able to join at the reception... Since Ms. Vanilla and I did the set-up at the reception, Mary Ann who is kind enough invited us to join them for lunch.

These are the photos from my part of the design...

Invites with a lace ribbon...

Guest book with plain pages inside...

And these are Ms. Vanilla's work... walnut oatmeal cookies for the godparents and sugar cookies for kids and other guests... tags made by artisan...

And the cute blanket cake with letter blocks on top. Ms. Vanilla asked me to make her a topper... so I came up with a big pop-up letter block. This design was made within 2 hours only. Gladly, I was able to finish it nicely.

Mary Ann was so happy with the outcome, and so were we... "see you again on your next event Mary Ann..."


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