Monday, March 22, 2010


The title is really sleepwork... it's not a typographical error for sleepwalk! lol I'm sleepy and yet I'm still working... actually all the Artisan assistants are still working until now... and it's almost 12 midnight.

This is not about me being workaholic, promise! (Although, maybe partly... hahaha) well the reason behind this is... Portraits is trying to meet up with their deadline for MGC school (from our last January shoot in Manila) and Artisan is helping them out! That's why we have to stay up this late and continue printing and cutting then packing it up!

I just sneak up and blog for awhile just so to keep myself awake...

Let me show you what's happening in the craft room... although it's a bit embarrassing, because it's very messy... but anyway...

Here's a very messy craft table... with my ever favorite his and her cutter... (hahaha just kidding)
On the other side of the craft table... well, they're also cutting... (aren't these kids lovely?)

I love tools... and one of my favorites are these lovely cutters... these are like chef's knives... I called it Artisan's cutter... hahaha (probably the effect of sleepworking... making names)

You know chefs have their own knives? Well, same goes for an Artisan... maybe at least for me... hahaha... I treat my tools specially cutters like a chef knife... your partner in crime!

This is not just an ordinary cutter... it's made of metal but not heavy, and when you grip it, the feeling is just right. Plus notice the edge? it has a knob so you can really tighten the blade and it won't sway around. (I take my tools seriously... hahaha)

Packing up their photos one by one...
And they're ready to be delivered tomorrow...


  1. you are indeed seriuos about your tools! hahahaha

  2. i told you ill blog about my cutter... hahaha

  3. more story and pictures of your tools & art gadgets gang..:)

  4. hahaha eula... you're so funny oi! alright will try what I can do about it... =) thanks for reading girl! mwaah!


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