Monday, March 22, 2010

Showcase in etsy

My very first etsy showcase... "The Showcase is a place for Etsy sellers to promote their goods in a cooperative program (from Etsy site).

I got so excited about this, that I kept on waiting and checking the site last March 20, because I thought that was the date of my ad... I got a bit worried that my items were not showing off from the showcase page... so I twitted @Etsy, to check how to know if your ad had already been posted. And I got so embarrassed when they replied that my booking date was still on March 22. Shocks!

Anyway here it is now! I'm posting more items everyday... hopefully my first sale will be any time soon...

p.s. did you see my item from the photo? you can also search for "writing set" and my stationery set photo will also appear... how cool is that? lol well it is for me... =)

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