Sunday, March 21, 2010

sunday night

It's a sunday night and finally... I'm in my room with my laptop (named Tatang) with a quiet and cold setting. I've been dreaming of having this for the past few days... and now... it's just wonderful to have a quiet time again.

Early today, I had a bonding with my mom and Ms. Vanilla. We went to the mall to look for a dress for a wedding of a family friend... but instead I ended up buying a book once again, without any forethought of my expenses... (books are such my weakness!) Anyway, the title of the book is Home Cafe by Aileen Anastacia (Filipino barista and pastry chef). The book is nice though, it has photos (lol) and clear instructions without boring you with so many words. Plus it has recipes that are helpful for our coffee shop (Coffee at Yellow Hauz) that I can use and alter.

There are a lot of funny and good things that happened today, despite that I was a bit cranky because of sleep deprivation (lol). Firstly, when we were in the mall, I saw a movie poster of one of my books... The Diary of a Whimpy Kid. Which I find it very weird because the book is neither to be considered as a comic, comedy or children's book. I just bought it, because of the cute stick people illustration every page. But who am I to judge right? hahaha

Secondly I am thankful that awhile ago and tonight, we experienced a little taste of rain. Although it was just a drizzle but it's still better than nothing at all, right?

Anyway, I'm attracting a positive aura for this coming week. I'm trying to lay low from my work and relax a bit. Hopefully, I can really attract that... =)

Enjoy the rest of the night. Hope you're having a great family bonding on a Sunday night.

And Oh! I wanna share a panoramic photo I took from one of the local beaches here in Davao, Philippines. Costa Marina. =)


  1. wow nic pic gang..:) you know what gang you deserve talaga to take a break.. relax din paminsan oi.. wag lang puros work hah..:)

  2. thanks girl... i will make time for that this year... promise lol


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