Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Send them sweet notes

You're house is probably filled with gift wrappers, toys everywhere, new housewares and other precious gifts from friends and family. Or better yet, that pants needs a little altering from all the parties you've been too, right? I sure know because our house is definitely a mess {except no toys, since we don't have kids in the house yet}, and I think I need a new pair of pants, hahaha.

This year has been so great. Artisan celebrated our first year. StudioBooth had more bookings. Yellow Hauz got a new look. And I've been to different places. I can't wait what next year will bring for me. 

Anyway, after receiving all those lovely gifts, it's nice if we show our gratitude by sending them a thank you note or wishing them a happy new year, right? And what a better way to say that with a custom-design notecards. 
More designs in my Multiply and Etsy. If you want a design of your own, you can email me at


  1. ganahan ko sa yellow puppy..:) thanks sa customized note pads gang..:)

  2. Thank you girl... and your welcome...enjoy using them... =)


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