Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas friends

Merry Christmas everyone who's keeping track of my blog. How did you spend your Christmas eve? As for me, we had our christmas party for Yellow Hauz and Artisan. And we had so much fun! We played games, exchanged gifts and of course ate a lot, haha.

As 12 o'clock came, I was so eager to open my gifts. I received lovely gifts from my crew and staffs, they are the sweetest.  

Christmas is really one of my favorite season of the year. Haven't you noticed, everyone is really kind, forgiving and just simply happy. I truly think, this season is magical. Apart from giving gifts, this is also the perfect time to heal wounds, forget regretful incidents and forgive people who hurt us. But most of all, let's be thankful to our savior for all the blessings we received all throughout this year.
I'll be leaving you this inspiring photo from Frog Prince Paperie. I super love all her printable designs. Perfect if you're planning a party since its very convenient and affordable. Definitely more inspiring thoughts on her blog.

Merry Christmas again and goodnight everyone... =)


  1. merry christmas 'pril! ;) i'm glad you had a lovely time! :) -ika

  2. hello ika... Merry Christmas to you and to Chester... thank you for leaving a message... =)

  3. merry christmas, april!! i spent christmas eve with my new husband's family in bicol and had such a wonderful time! =) looking forward to a better 2011 for all of us!

  4. Merry christmas and happy new year Rochelle... new christmas tradition for you... thats really nice... Yes! super looking forward for a better 2011...


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