Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2nd day of the year

Hello everyone... how's your new year so far? 

Yesterday, we went to Samal for a family gathering. I had a good nap under a tree and the wind was so refreshing. Makes me think of a getaway next week. My mom seemed so happy because she saw her siblings again. Which also makes me happy. 

Today, my sis {Miss Vanilla} and I are just chilling in the house while mom is out for work. {Technically, I'm also working since Yellow Hauz is already open}. So, we called out Pizza Hut for a yummy dinner and we will be watching a dvd when the pizza arrived.

And this afternoon, I did a food shot for Yellow Hauz. Yup folks on a Sunday! I'm trying to finish my work little by little. Hopefully, my photos will turn out well... 
Cheesecake Duo by Miss Vanilla

Tomorrow is definitely back to work. I'm a bit excited but I'm also hoping I can extend the holidays. I love the thought I'm not doing anything, haha.

Is your Sunday also a chillin' day or are you doing something too?

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