Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DIY gift wrapper

I don't know how you do it, but I can't help it, I'm really last minute for this. Tonight I'm still wrapping my gifts and I'm doing it my way - simple and crafty. 

Here are the things you will need:
     • Gift wrappers {I'm using manila paper and I also printed a 12x18in black and white damask pattern, where you can also download for A4 size}.
     • Ribbons
     • Adhesive tapes {you can use cute tapes like mine which I bought in NCCC school supplies}
     • Rubber stamps and stamp pad {I'm super loving these stamps I bought from Micia in Taiwan.
     • Scissors
     • Gift tags {you can also use my printable gift tags
     • Scrapbook Embellishments {I got this from Carlyles corner, I found from the bazaar}
     • and your gift of course

{1} So all you have to do is wrap your gift the usual way with the manila paper or your printed wrapper, and use the cute adhesive tapes to close them up. You can also stamp the manila paper first before you wrap your gift. 

{2} Tie it with a lovely ribbon {you can try colorful ones too}. Stamp it and leave a sweet note. 

{3} Lastly, add cute scrapbook embellishments and the gift tag. 
And your all done, Simple but its its very crafty, don't you think so? Add more embellishment if your giving it to kids. 

If you like doing things your way, I'm sure you'll love wrapping gifts and sending them sweet notes.I hope this will give you more creative ideas in wrapping your gifts. I would love to know how you did yours...

Happy holidays friends and have fun wrapping your gifts....


  1. weee! rubber stamping! i like! pretty, april!! :) costs much less than getting all those fancy wrapping papers but looks really wrapped with love. how did i do mine? i haven't yet. haha cramming mode.

  2. I also used manila paper as gift wrapper two Christmases ago. I drew my own patterns :) It's fun when you're doing your own thing and it gives a different sense of achievement.

    Keep it up! You have great designs :D

  3. thanks in advance sa aking christmas gift..:)


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