Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2011 Calendar

So here goes my very first calendar... I've compiled few of my photos and made them to a calendar. These photos are from trips along Asia but mostly here in the Philippines. 

I super enjoyed designing this, not to mention it's vintage. Although it came out late, but I'm still hoping it will sell out. I just printed 20pcs. of these so I can say it's "limited edition" haha. 

This one is designed by Heintje {StudioBooth}. A lovely scenery he took in Hongkong. 

Both calendars have free easel for the stand. Don't you just love a unique calendar on your desk? 

You can check them out from my Etsy shop. But if your from my town, Davao City, you can simply buy them at Coffee at Yellow Hauz. Or you can email me for inquiries:

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