Monday, January 18, 2010

high over embossed

hello everyone! today is such a motivating day for me...

first... since last week i had a hard time looking for a clear embossing powder... and when i found one this morning... oh boy it just made my day!

second... portraits and i were quite busy sending proposals of our services (photo coverage for class picture and class yearbook, or we call it photobook) to different schools. and i believed we will get one or hopefully two schools this year.

and lastly... but definitely not the least... i was able to practice the embossing technique. and totally got it right. and that really completes my day!

so this is a sample of an embossed monogram.

hopefully sooner... this is the next technique i will be able to learn... letterpress! oooh if that happens... i will be very happy...


  1. wow! that's a very nice monogram! and also, great shot of your clearly shows the embossed effect! great!

  2. thanks G! i also like the photo there... i used a macro lens for that... and i was surprise that it really looked nice...


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