Sunday, January 17, 2010

beach theme wedding

As i mentioned from my previous blogs, the studio was quite busy last week making 3 invitations. and this is one of them... its a beach theme wedding invitation.

i really enjoyed making the design specially finalizing it. though i had a hard time looking for some of the embellishments specially the starfish. I was hoping i could find a bigger starfish, cleaner edges and have the exact color that im looking for (which is aqua blue). unfortunately, they sell it in one pack with smaller starfish and various colors, which i don't need. so i ended up buying more packs than what i needed, just to reach the 50pcs.

so it was not as easy as i think it was, but it was fun. more challenging on my part though, hahaha. so since i couldn't find the aqua blue starfish, i used paint. (and viola!) i have the color that i desire.

here's the look of it. so it consists of three cards... the main card, sponsors and the entourage.

and here's the look with the envelope... we used a transparent envelope which is now becoming our signature envelope. (hahaha)
hope you'll like it... and maybe someday, you'll let us design and make your wedding invitation.


  1. i really like this... very simple and chic!

  2. very clever! love the blue starfish! xxx


  3. hello helena... thank you... =) thanks for dropping by, you're such an inspiration to me! =)

  4. the blue starfish too! very innovative!

  5. thank you... that starfish was a bit challenging for me...


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