Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blogging and illustration frustration

It's a gloomy friday today... and how i love gloomy weather... here in davao we never experience snow or 20 degrees. so gloomy and cool weather is my close to out of the country experience.

So i am having my green tea latte with a smooth jazz music here at yellow hauz and im preparing things for my blog... hahaha... yes! i'm not working... for now!

I'm thinking of giving give-aways every month... like, desktop wallpaper or templates maybe... i don't know, whatever i feel like giving during that month. so maybe every first week of the month i'll be posting some freebies.

Part of my blogging planning is my photo background. i saw blogs that has nice photo backgrounds, so i got inspired and now making my backgrounds as well... im sure my ms. vanilla will be very jealous (hahaha-don't worry, i have a surprise for you)

Anyway this year... i pledge to myself to make a 100-design project for 365 days. as of the moment, i wasn't able to post anything yet... hahaha... but here's a book that i bought so i can practice more illustration or cartooning. well, i've been practicing so far... like making the shape of the head, etc. but i'm taking the book like a course... and i'm taking it slowly... very slow to be exact (hahaha)

So i'm hoping next week i will be able to post some of my works now... =)

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