Saturday, May 8, 2010

154th millionth logo

Among all the logos I made, I think this one is one of my favorite yet.

This is for my Sister's bakeshop {Miss Vanilla}. As you can see in my title, its the 154th millionth logo that I made for my sister. {But of course, that's an exaggeration} I'm just mocking my beloved sister because she keeps on changing her logo. I bet few months from now, she'll ask me to change it again, hehehe...

Anyway, I super love this design. I used Illustrator the frustrator as I sketch the cake stand and the icing. I'm starting to get a hang of it now. But of course not quite yet. But it's a nice start though... =)

So I gave her 3 options, with the same logo but different borders. I even made her a colored version of the "Miss Vanilla," but black and white seems to look more promising for a future expansion. Good thing I was able to convince her about it.

And here's her new business card...

And of course, for the love, hehehe... I also made a banner for her blog...


  1. illustrator the frustrator! my logo is supah nice!

  2. of course! hehehe I'll wait for the 155th millionth logo... hahaha ble!

  3. wow very nice gang..:) gusto ko yung twirl effect for a cake w/ a nice touch of red.. simple but its beautiful..:)

  4. Oh, I love this design! I'm a sucker for cake stands! Well done!

  5. @eulita thanks girl... yah good thing i was able to convince her to use one color as accent only hahaha

    @christy thank you christy...


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