Thursday, September 2, 2010

personalized sketchbook

This week, cuz Lyn {she's a friend, cuz is our terms of endearment, lol} just got her these personalized sketchbooks as her gifts for Carol and Nicole. Can you spell out Nicole's name from the photo? Oh I hope they'll enjoy writing or doodling on it. 


  1. wow the design is so cute! i love the design of nicole's sketchbook. and yeah, i can read it clearly!

  2. very nice.... love the colors...

  3. @ G thank you!

    @anonymous thank you... oh you forgot to leave your name... i hope you'll come back and introduce yourself... =) thanks for dropping by...

  4. You're very talented! I got excited looking though your creatives. See you at BYW. Marivic PL

  5. hello vicki... thank you for dropping by... =) hugs2 oh see you at BYW... hihi so good to meet new friends... =)


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