Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blogging your way

Oh my! I can't believe its already the month of "BER!" Though I may wonder most of the times, where the days went, yet I have so many reasons to get very excited to face the "ber-months."

Here are the reasons why:
     {1} First of, as I mentioned before, I enrolled in an e-course for blogging called blogging your way by Holly of Decor8 {most of my fave bloggers enrolled here and now I'm following their steps.}
     {2} Next, since it's the BER season now, White Christmas Bazaar is officially open for bookings! 
     {3} This month, oh there so much instore for Portraits Studio and Royale Iris {Portraits partner in videography}. We have Pearl Farm coming up and GenSan Tuna Fest. {way the go Heintje and Jason}
     {4} At the end of this month, my craft tools will be arriving already {oohh can't wait for it}
     {5} Lastly, Yellow Hauz will officially have a new look. 

I think I have more reasons to be excited of, but I'll stick with the highlights because I'm getting giddy about it already. 

How about you, what excites you this month? Well, one thing is, I'm also excited to eat the yoghurt+jelly while watching Tru Jackson later with Miss Vanilla {haha these are my simple pleasures in life}.


  1. Hi April!

    The ecourse seems nice. Crafted for your niche.

    If you need more blogging tips, pwede na ako lumabas ng bahay. LOL! Just send me a message.

    Happy blogging! :)

  2. hello ria... thank you for offering your help. will surely ask for your help, hehehe Im a bit shy lng kasi... hehehe =)


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