Sunday, September 12, 2010

Free blog template

Happy Sunday friends. Oh I can't believe the week had past by. Where did it go? I was cramming this week since we were in Pearl Farm for a shoot last Monday until Wednesday, and tons of deadlines are piling up. My last post was how excited I was to start the my e-course "Blogging your way" I just enrolled into. And can you believe it? I was even cramming for our first assignment. {Bad April, bad!}

On a Sunday, I opt to relax for a day. So I'll have time to catch up with my blogging and the e-course and just to read for awhile.

Anyway, as I was reading from our class, thenI came across a topic about the importance of a template for a site or a blog. Well, true indeed that it is like your window display in a store. Sometimes readers may check on your blog through photos or simply the overall look of it. So I was on cramming on searching how to customized my blog. It was fun though because I kinda learned how to do this things on my own. {Pat on my back for being techi!}

And I found through my favorite search engine, Google, the cutest blog on the block the nicest blog templates you can ever find. You'll definitely go ga-ga over it. The best part is, they'll teach you how to embed the codes. I'm really starting to think of learning how to make webpages and html codes now.

So how do find my new background? I just chose a simple white damask template, so it won't look over-kill plus its just perfect for my style. What do you think?


  1. You can use the Blogger Template Designer to customize your blog's look. :)

    If you need help with anything, just tell me.

  2. hihihi thanks ria... can you help me with adsense? my account was rejected Im not sure why... hehe

  3. Next week, I can finally go out na talaga. We can set up a brief meeting para masagot ko na talaga mga questions mo. What did Adsense say bakit na-reject? Walang email about it?


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