Sunday, September 12, 2010

Louie + Liaa

So I had another super overlong due photos that I haven't shared. I am so sorry for my procrastinating habit that I overlook the projects that were supposed to be uploaded long time ago. 

Let's go back from the past, shall we? Way back before July {hahaha, yes I told you so, this is really overlong due post. If the bride, now already a wife is reading this... "I'm so sorry Liaa," hehehe} Anyway, I was overwhelmed when this couple came to ask me for a wedding invite design. Louie and Liaa, showed me a design from the magazine but apparently, by surprise while they were browsing the magazine again, they saw another design which they love even more. So change of plan in just few minutes, hehe. Well, I can't blame them, there are so many inspiring invites in the magazine.

It was fun making their design, because it's a bit challenging in terms of the orientation of the invite. Plus Louie {the groom} knows how to design as well, so pressure if I may say {lol}. They wanted a board type invite with cold-laminated cover. It's like a notebook without pages and spring. 

So anyway, this was the first draft design I made for them. Their motif was plum and apple green. 
But they wanted the plum color to be the focus rather than my first draft, so I came up with this...
And these were the final output.  {My apologies for the color of the photo, it's really plum, I just had a hard time setting my cam}

They mentioned a lot of their guests liked the invites... {oooh that made me smile}. 

And here are the photos from their wedding via the pretty bride Liaa... 

Check out the invites we made with their wedding rings... 

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  1. This is my overlong due comment. Hahaha Thank you, April, for accommodating our requests and keeping up with our "change of minds". Indeed, a lot of our guests liked it very much. I also recommended you to a number of my friends. You are easy to work with and you are great with design.

    I also love reading your blog. I like your designs and your products. They are a work of love and passion :) Keep it up! I know you'll soar even higher.


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