Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This fun and cute baby shower invite is for my friend Jj, who loves to add the word liscious on a certain name. (So the title is for you girl!hahaha)

Anyway, she's not having a baby folks. It's her sister, who's having a cute baby girl soon. And their giving her a baby shower...

I enjoy making this invites so much. Well, you know how much I wanted clients who's open for new ideas and designs for their invites. And Jj is one of them. That's why I love this beary-liscious invite because I have the freedom put my own creativity for the invite. So I put the info on the bear's diaper, and there's a cute little gift for gift registry and milk bottle for the illustrated map. Isn't that cute?9

But do you know what's cuter than this? Well, this design has a cake version. Of course, another collaboration from Ms. Vanilla. Don't you just love theme parties? Because I sure do!

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