Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So finally! I've created an Artisan's fan page on facebook. It took me months before I finally made it. I tried it once last month, and I got so irritated because, I was having a hard time. And now, despite my super busy day, I managed to upload photos!

Ooooh I hope many people will visit and like it... so, anyway, here's my primary photo for my facebook fanpage...

Artisan Facebook {here's my fanpage link}

And also, I made a new banner for my etsy shop.


  1. wow gang..:) showbiz na showbiz..hehe..:) maki-fan na ako!!..:) next twitter na naman para super showbiz na talaga..:) eula is following artisan.. charrrr..:)

  2. yey! thanks eulita... i have a fan now! wee! thanks girl... hehehe =) mwaah

  3. wow april this is so great.
    can i be the president of your fan club? hehehe...
    so proud of you!


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