Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Here's another way of showing that your grateful... a thank you card.

This is for a school near our coffeeshop. If I'm not mistaken, it is run by missionaries all over the world. And now, they wanted to give something to remember by to the graduates. So they gave me a poem and I did the design for them... 

I just made it simple and classic, so it can be given to any gender. Gladly, Twylia, the teacher, liked it. Hopefully the graduates will like it... 


  1. nice pril.. may thank u card ka rin for weddings?para dun sa ngbigay ng gifts.. hehe


  2. hello rochelle... just read your comment... hmmm as of now, I have a simple vintage thank you card, didn't I include that in your package? but it looks like this...

    sorry, we didnt see each other... =(

  3. yeah..:( it's ok.. may next time pa naman..

    yes, u gave me that pretty card. :) but i was hoping for something with a message na para all we have to do is write names. haha can we print a msg there?


  4. yeah... yes we can do that... anything that is made of paper and i can print on is possible with me. hahaha


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