Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Blues

So, the first weekend of the year has finally come. Can you believe it? One week had past by already? I hardly noticed it, seriously. It was a busy week but I learned how to relax a little by procrastinating, haha. Sorry guys, I've been a little a lazy again. 

Although, it was amazing that our clients came in later this week so we had the time to clean up and catch-up with our pending to-do list. 
From Seagull, Budda

Okay, I can't believe I'm spending Saturday night at home again {on second thought, I can believe that, haha}. I got bored so I went down at Yellow Hauz {and that's my night out for tonight. 20-steps away from home, haha} But I'm still bored.

So I ended editing my photos. I'm thinking of opening a new shop on Etsy but this time all about photos.
I'm thinking of a name - Photos of Artisan. I'm building different categories and ending it with the word Artisan. Like Thoughts of Artisan {blog}; Designs of Artisan {Paperie on Etsy}; then Photos of Artisan {Photos on Etsy}, what do you think?

Anyway, I might bore you too with this thought on a Saturday, hehehe. But tomorrow I'm excited for a family bonding. We're going to visit papa at the memorial and eat Halo-halo at Aling Foping. Hopefully, I can take photos with our new point-and-shoot camera. {Not my dream cam but it's better though, but I'm still dreaming about that camera}.

Goodnight friends and have a nice weekend.


  1. Maybe you can have it as "Snapshots of Artisan" or maybe "Scenes by Artisan".. hehe Whichever way, it's a great idea to end everything with "Artisan"! It creates a good branding for you and your team. ;) Keep it up, Pril! I remain a great fan of your works! ;)

  2. Hello Rochelle... thanks for taking the time to give me feedback... you always makes me smile =)


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