Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Custom-made gift tags

I totally forgot to share this cute custom-made gift tags I made for the holiday season. I was happy again when I got an email from a client in Manila. It just gives me a big smile every time I know my designs will be sent on the other side of the country. 

I hope these gift tags will also put a smile as they received it... 


  1. I love your tags! The perfect tag just makes the present.

  2. Hello Sarah, thanks for dropping by and for making a comment... xoxo

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  4. 'm such a bad client, after I gave out all the gift tags (with presents, lol) I didn't find time to thank you for making these gift tags for me..

    Thank you so much for these cute-sies. I personally loved them, and its not just a usual tag. :)

    And what's our next project, as I have promised, Travis 1st birthday on August, yes, am preparing everything as early as now..

    Looking forward to seeing your work again :)
    -Sarah :)


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