Saturday, December 18, 2010

Photo App junkie

Lately, I have problems with taking photos... my Oris {Nikon d40} was broken since last August and I'm having a hard time. I don't have a camera for my product shots and today we had a lunch birthday for my lola {grandma} and I have no memories or just to blog about. {Boohoo!}

So I'm thinking of buying a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. This cam is not just your ordinary point and shoot. I've seen professional photographers using this on a coverage, since you can use it on a manual mode and add a flash. Basically, it's a small dslr. Very handy but with the same features. 
Photos from net
But for some reason, I just love the Canon PS E1. You might not know this camera, because it's a very old model, not so much features but I just love the vintage and chic look of it. I know, you would probably say what's wrong with me? {Hahaha} I really don't know! I just have a thing with old things {yes... please don't judge, haha}
Photos from net
What do you think? 

Anyway, since I'm just using whatever available camera {specially cellphone}, I have to compensate the photos with a style so it won't look so simple... 

Gladly, iphone has so many apps for my needs. But super duper gladly, I found apps for computers as well... don't you just love the internet and the people who created those apps?

First, is the Poladroid. For polaroid and lomo lovers, you'll also love this. Minus the film of course. No cost sweetie! Absolutely free. I got addicted to it so been using my old photos to poladroid them, haha.
You can also try Polaroin, almost the same with poladroid. 

Secondly, my sister and I new fave app of the year... Picasa. I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but this is very helpful to make your photos look professional but very easy to use. 

Photos from Ms. Vanilla
All are for free. Just simply go to their sites and download the application. Then try them all right away. I'm sure you'll get addicted to it too. 

So, now we don't have to worry about ugly photos anymore, do we? Have fun using your new app. Oh and let me know what you think about the camera I want to buy, hehe. You might have good inputs about it... 

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