Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm back and I'm late!

Hello friends! Yes folks, I'm back! Actually, I was already back since last week, but it was a frantic week in the studio since I was gone for almost two weeks, so I had to finish them all first because I have another trip this week.

Yup! you heard that right, I'm leaving again this weekend! My girlfriends... my sister - Sandy and friend - Che will be going to Macau. Yeah! Second out of the country trip and it's still 3rd month of the year. What a very expensive way to start the year! hahaha...I'm a bit hyper while I'm writing this, I'm not sure if it's because I'm excited or I had too much coffee for today... hahaha.

Anyway, Manila shoot was great! Everything went smoothly and organized. And now we're doing the dirty job. And that's encoding all the 800 student's names for their IDs and editing graduation and class pictures.

Then Bangkok was also fun... well it became fun in the end. At first, ahhh I started to hate it a little, we went to Grand Palace and {argh!} it was so freaking hot! I don't have a lot of photos since I was not so happy with the weather. So that's the only tourist attraction we went to, hahaha. The next few days went malling and buying clothes and accessories for selling. That I truly enjoyed. So note to self, Bangkok is more of a shopping place, hehehe.

Above and Left: me and my mama. Right: sister and mama {Grand Palace, Bangkok Thailand}


  1. Bangkok is a great place! I visited almost all of the temples and ate thai street food. Have a great trip to Macau!

  2. Hello Christy... wow that's a lot of temple visiting... I think we had enough with Grand Palace since it was so hot. Then we just watched the Calypso in the evening... that's the attractions we just went to and the rest is malling hahaha... I'm not sure if I can describe Bangkok with the places we went to.


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