Wednesday, March 2, 2011

P for packages

When I was still in Manila, I was already a bit excited to come home. Because my staff told me I had a lot of packages awaiting for me... oooh lala, how I love packages.
So, some of the packages was expected. Because I've been joining the swaps in swap-bot. I got a of lot tea bags from all over the world and postcards. But I was surprise most when I got another package not from swap-bot. It was from my friend Ena, who got married last weekend. She gave me cute items from Muji. A thank you gift for helping her out in her invitations... {no problem my dear partner! Thank you so much for the gift}.

And the next package... I was truly surprise... a post valentine gift from newly friend Rochelle. A very lovely planner and a handmade card, which she actually made herself. Oh I just love it so much...  {Thank you so much Rochelle... it was so sweet of you!}
Next month hopefully, I'm expecting another packages from swap-bot. This time, more postcards, earrings, and a small surprise...oooh can't wait. I'm a bit addicted to it already. If your like me and love packages, letters, postcards or anything cute, then you better check it out. 

Updated: I just read from Rochelle's blog that she made a post featuring me and this card. I was really really touched. Go check her blog and see her other wonderful cards. 


  1. Hi Pril,

    I'm going to check out swap-bot. It sounds like fun :) Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hello Liaa... surely hehehe... we might be partners hehehe...

  3. It's nothing compared to what you do but thanks much for appreciating, April! =) Glad you loved my card.

  4. Oh just different style my dear friend but it's really nice... If I'll have a walk-in store in time I'll definitely ask you to consign... =)

  5. Ah that I would really love to do! =) Thanks, Pril. Oh and if I find a class that will cater to both our styles, I'll let you know. ;)


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