Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mc Louie + Mae

Hello... my apologies because I promised from my last post that I'll be posting on the next day... but I think it's a bit 2 days late now... Sorry to keep the thrill spinning...  I was out of the studio doing errands for two days now. Today, I was also doing the same thing, and making a lot of invite designs. I'm not sure if I'm delaying my work, or I got used of staying in my room for a week. 

Anyway, here's what I should have posted 2 days ago... a design for Mc Louie and Mae's wedding. I have to say I was amazed with their motif because it's black and white. Although it's not purely black and white, because it has a touch of red as it goes with the theme. 

Have you noticed from my bridal fair set-up? I've been using black and white themes. For certain reasons such as, it just looks so classic and elegant. Why is the "little black dress" a-must for a girl? Because it's just simply everything you need. You will look classic, formal or semi, and definitely sexy, hehe. Another is, its very unusual especially here in the Philippines. And I just love it when I'm different., hehe. 

You see, traditional people find black as the color of negativity. And they believe its not good for the marriage for so many reasons. But I don't believe in those things. I respect their beliefs but for me happiness comes from the couple and not from whatever color of their motif, right? And I applaud couples who dare to be different. 

Regardless of whatever traditions from the old times, black is just so classic and elegant. Take a look...

And this invite was actually paired with a black and white cake made by Miss Vanilla. They also gave out small boxes of chocolates and mini cakes for the sponsors and guests. Just lovely... {check out the cake's pattern, it's the same with the invite. Cool huh? That's edible}

How do you find it? Do you think old traditions are still in or you just can't resist and try to be different too? I have yet to show you another wedding invite for a friend with the same motif. I'm sure you'll love it too... keep dropping by and let me know your thoughts... 


  1. oooh! I love it! I totally agree, black and white is an elegant theme. It looks classy and extra clean. =)

  2. ang cute pril!! =) i really love how you can go from super fun kiddie invites to classic & elegant creations.. galing talaga.. keep the blogposts coming! hehe


  3. Hello Krizann... I'm glad you liked it... True indeed that it looks clean and classy...

    Hello Rochelle, it's been a long time I haven't heard from you hehehe... Thanks for the compliment Rochelle and for dropping by again...


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