Monday, October 18, 2010

Start of a good week

It's a Monday! A day which I normally do not anticipate since it's a start of a new week and that means its a working day. But, today is not that day. I was happy to visit my studio today and started printing my paper goods for the holidays. 

I was also able to go out and went to the mall... yes folks! I am now back to being mortal! Meaning, my "vampire-look" {red eyes} are now back to normal. Although not totally, but at least I'm not sick anymore... woohoo! 

I also got good news and calls for the White Christmas Bazaar preparation. Finished most of our deadlines and accomplish some of my errands. Now that's what I call pro-ductive! {haha}

Tomorrow is another day... and I'm excited about it. I have to buy office supplies and a new printer again {for the nth time I guess} but no biggy, I have to for more projects right? 

Anyway, this photo is a sneak peak of what I will post tomorrow... A "black and white" with a touch of red, {hehe} motif wedding invite with a wedding cake from  Ms. Vanilla
I'm so glad couples now are open with the idea of black and white theme. See you again tomorrow... Goodnight for now... 


  1. hi, may i ask what printer are you using? this is really nice! :)

  2. Hello there... apparently, I moved this blog to already, anyway, Im using a laser printer for my invitations =)

  3. where did u find your paperl

  4. time to look for this paper..


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