Sunday, October 17, 2010

How's your Sunday?

How's your Sunday so far? If you ask me, I've been lying down in my room for the past few days. It's almost 1 week now and I really don't like the feeling... being sick, I mean who does right? I never thought having red eyes would take longer than I thought. Booohoo! =( The worse part is, I have to isolate myself from anyone. I always long for my privacy, but definitely not like this... 

I missed out two StudioBooth event, working in my studio, checking out Yellow Hauz, eating outside. Ahhh... can you imagine all the things you want to do when you're not allowed to? {hahaha}

This photo was taken from Singapore Zoo. I think this photo is sooo appropriate with my situation =P

Hopefully, tomorrow I can at least go out. I'm tired of watching all the series on tv, checking out our empty fridge, hoping it the next time I'll open it will be filled with yummy food, {but no luck since then, lol}

How about you, how are you spending your Sunday?

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