Saturday, October 16, 2010

Carnival Theme

Kids invites are one of my favorites. It excites me and challenges me to make it unique among the others, plus its really fun and cute, don't you think so? And an order from a different place is just so ecstatic. 

This carnival theme first birthday invite were ordered and shipped to Manila... I can't believe my invites are reaching different places. It was my first time to design a carnival theme. At first, I'm not sure what kind of design to make. But mommy Tin gave me the freedom to design it my way, so I got excited about it and the creative ideas just keep on popping up.

The design was inspired from old carnivals, so it's a bit of a vintage look with a modern twist. The edges were curved to make it look like an old ticket. But I added vibrant colors and balloons to make it fun and modern. The tent is popped up and I placed the details inside it. It's around 5x7in. big and  paired with beige linen envelope.

Of course, a theme party is more fun if you add small details based on your theme right? So, here's the nametag that looks like the mini invites.
 The giveaways... a custom-made coaster with a pop-art design and gift tags...
I'm not really carnival fan, I guess because I'm afraid of the rides. But after I designed this invite, the look gave me an exciting feeling that I wanted to experience the old carnivals instead of being afraid of the rides. How about you, do you like carnivals? I hope this invite will give a different feel for you. Because that's the purpose of the invitations, you give an impression to your guests a fun and exciting feeling of your party.

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