Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm back!

I'm back folks! Yes! I'm still alive and kicking...I know, I've been gone too long and I also know I should have given a notice or at least mentioned for a blog leave, if there such a thing... lol. But I got sooo busy preparing this and that, giving instructions to my Yellow Hauz crew and Artisan girls, and finishing invite designs so clients can see it before I leave. Argh! It was really crazy... but I was able to handle and finished them except to blog.

Anyway, I'm back! For those who are wondering where I've been... my family and I went to Shanghai, China. Yep! We went to see the Shanghai Expo 2010. We never really thought the plan would come to a reality. My mom and sister had been discussing it few months ago, until our financier {mama, of course} finally said "ok, let's try to apply for Visa." 

I was trying to post a blog from my phone but unfortunately, China has a strict political policy about certain sites. So Facebook, Twitter and blogs are few of the sites that cannot be opened. Super unfortunate for me and Miss Vanilla, hehe. But nonetheless, it was so fun! 
Been trying to post this photo from my phone.

It was our first time to experience a 10-degree weather... ahhh my dream of a cold weather had finally came true. It was one of my best days... hahaha. But the funny thing was... on the 4th day of our trip, I had an acute allergy which until now we couldn't figure out what triggered it. I will definitely deny if you'll say that the cold weather may have caused it, haha. Anyway, we got a little worried about my allergy on the night we got back to Manila that we went to see the doctor in the middle of the night. But no worries folks, I'm all well now. 

Oh so many things to share... I can't believe I haven't posted our Taiwan trip yet and now I have to post a new one... so little time... Come back again tomorrow, hopefully, I'll feel bored since it's All soul's/saint's day I might be posting more of our trips or our new designs in the studio. 

We'll probably visit papa at the Memorial on Tuesday though to avoid the crowd and traffic. Do you have family/relatives or friends to visit at the Memorial tomorrow? Whether you have plans or not, I'm definitely sure we will all be watching scary movies or so... happy watching!

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