Tuesday, May 25, 2010

tour taiwan

Hello friends... I'm back from a family vacation in Taiwan. Oh we had so much fun there. It was once again a vacation to remember.

My sister and I can't believed that we belong in the thinking group this time {or should I say, we are the only group there is... lol}. Meaning, we were in-charge of the directions, the planning and also the cargo-man. haha {Well, we were used of going somewhere with friends or a cousin who's in-charge of the directions, specially, the MRT route}

Woah! I can't really believe it, we got through that. And the funny thing was, our hotel was outside Taipei, it's in Zhongli. It's like a 45-mins train ride from the main MRT train. So, it was actually challenging. The next day, we call ourselves local already since we knew most of the routes, hahaha...

Shocks! I have so many stories, but of course, I don't want to bore you with all our bloopers and fun trip, so I'll just summary everything.

So, this is us in the van for our very first tour going to Juiffen. Oooh I love it there. It was a long drive though since it's like going to the mountains. But before we actually got there, we passed through the Yin Yang river, Peculiar Rock Formatioin, etc.

And this is the Peculiar Rock Formation {the road before going to Juiffen}. The rocks were really weird...

As we reached Juiffen, there's a very long and narrow street where you can buy pretty souvenirs and craft things and of course their local food. I saw a lot of nice shops there, crafts and other souvenir stores. At the end of the street, you're on top of the mountain.

Then the next day, we had another tour, but this time it was a city tour. So we passed through the Chang-kai-shek memorial hall, Traditional Museum, and temples.

Would you believe, Oris {my dslr camera} broke down? Yes! What a nice timing! So unfortunately, I don't have much nice photos. But gladly, my sister also bought here point and shoot camera. But I was still the photographer during the whole trip. And this is the beginning of my love to a point and shoot. I think I'm converted already. It's very handy and convenient.

Anyway, the following day, we decided to tour the city by ourselves since we knew most of the route. Then we just asked the hotel receptionist for the directions and an address written in chinese, since none of us can speak chinese. {damn for that! I even practice a little chinese words, but I forgot all of it when I got there, lol}

So, here we are... we were able to go to 101 on our own. {Hahaha we were like locals there}
This is tallest building in Taiwan. It has 101 stories that's why it was named after it. It has the fastest elevator as well. Would you believed we got to the 85th floor in 40-seconds? Yes, it's true. I was supposed to take a picture in the elevator, but we got on the 85th floor already before I got my camera, that's how fast it was. But nothing much to see there, except your just on top of every building there is...

And this is me and my sister, eating our favorite local food store near our hotel. Plus drinking my favorite Nai-cha with black pearls

The place was actually nice. We didn't experience a cold weather though, that's why Hongkong was my favorite Asia country so far, lol. But, this is where I found a lot of cute stores that sells lovely handicrafts and other arts. I'll be posting them soon...

That's it for now. I have tons of pending deadlines, plus I got so tired from a very long and hassle plane trip. Well it only took 2 and half hours from Manila to Taiwan, but it was a night flight, then going back to Davao is another story...

I can't wait to show you the inspiring shops I found there, and the cutest things I bought. Drop by again soon...


  1. Wow! Ganda ng taiwan noh? hehe..

  2. hello jed.. oi thanks for the comment... wee! new reader. hehe taiwan lng maganda? yung nasa picture hindi? hehe


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