Saturday, May 29, 2010

shop inspired {taiwan}

Oh I can't believe time flies so fast... as in really really fast. it's almost a week now since I arrived from Taiwan. And I've been very unproductive. Though we were so busy in the studio, I've been trying to convince myself I'm bored {lol}.

I have few more designs to finish, more blogs to post and more printing and planning to do for my shop {both studio and online} and for the coffee shop as well.

Anyway, as part of my promise from my last post before I left for Taiwan, I will be taking photos of inspiring shops there. Well, guess what? Taiwan in general is the perfect place for the super cute nonsense stuffs. {This is what Miss Vanilla and I called the cute little things you could ever find}. Where you just can't resist to buy them even if you don't know what to do with it or if you will be needing it anyway.

It is super cute. Even Miss Vanilla can't resist it, and to think between the two of us, I'm the queen of these nonsense stuffs {lol}. That's why, I got super excited to share this with you as I was taking photos of it, because I am sure, you'll also find these cute stores lovely.

You know what I love most about Taiwan, I really think, they just love to brand and package their stores and items very well. I'll show you why... {oh, I have to warn you, they are really cute}.

These photo is from our city tour. Along the road, you can already see how nice and creative they are when it comes to designing their shops, it looks attractive even outside. The first two photos is a baby store. Then the next two is a dog shop.

And even on our last day there, I just can't express how dorky I got, when I actually saw these lovely stores in Qmall. We stayed there for hours {my goodness!}. Photos below are three different stores.

See... I told you so... they are very cute... I already missed out taking photos of the other stores, but they are just so cute.. But wait 'til I post the cute nonsense stuff that Miss Vanilla and I bought. We have planners, greeting cards, stamps... Oh, you'll drool over its cuteness. And the good thing about it, they are very cheap. That's why all the more you can't resist them, hahaha...

How I wish to have a cute nonsense store as well. But I don't think Davao market is ready for that now. Plus, I think, it's a bit expensive for them to buy nonsense stuff. Hopefully, in the future, the market will be open to the idea of it. Until then, I'll just have to get inspired and drool over those nonsense cute little stuff...


  1. Awwww. cutesy nonesense stuff. i like! hehehe

  2. ow really? you bought a lot of nonsense thing...


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